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Jeff Suggs

Your Mold Inspection Certified Pro

For many years people have known that our indoor air quality is getting worse, but only recently has there been resources for training and certifying professionals in inspection and remediation techniques who can evaluate and assess the quality of life inside your home.

Our services include Indoor Air Mold sampling, Lead, Asbestos and Radon Testing.

We are a Certified Mold Inspection Test only company.

Be cautious of letting a remediation company do your mold testing. It presents a potential conflict of interest if they do any remediation work. IICRC S520 which is the standard for mold remediators states:

"If the IEP (Indoor Environmental Professional), conducting any activity such as assessment or post-remediation verification is not independent from the re-mediator, they should disclose in writing to the client that they are deviating from the Standard."

Our services collect the information you need to make educated decisions required to provide a healthier indoor environment for you and your family or business.​


We service Savannah and the surrounding area. We look forward to serving you and are confident you will be pleased you choose us. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.


​We are not only interested in providing you with enough information to make an educated decision about who you will hire to do your Inspection, but we want you to know, should you hire us, how much we appreciate your business and the opportunity to identify the issues you may be facing in your indoor environment.

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